Vote For Your Favorite

It is amazing to me how many people visit this site. I appreciate all the wonderful pictures and feedback. There are a lot of hand lovers out there!

The current favorite is no stranger to the list.

Current Favorite: Kate Beckinsale





Runner-up: Raven



The Bronze: Lacey







Would love to hear your favorite




7 thoughts on “Vote For Your Favorite

  1. Hi! I find your site awesome! it’s good to know I am not alone in loving hands! thank you

  2. Lacey is second to none! Everyone thinks Raven’s hands are so big, but Lacey’s hands would dwarf them!

  3. I think Lacey has big hands, but I doubt they are bigger than Raven’s hands. Also, Lacey can’t palm a men’s basketball , Raven has demonstrated she palm a basketball with ease.

    1. Would love to see Kate Beckinsale compare hands with Jennifer Garner!

  4. Why does everyone love Kate Beckinsale so much. She does talk about how large her hands are often, but they really aren’t that big. Now Lacey…. those are BIG hands!!!

  5. Heidi Klum has the best hands with long lovely fingers.

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