Margot Robbie


A few of you have mentioned Margot Robbie’s hands in the past. I never really noticed them before, but they look very large here. I think this must be a camera perspective issue.

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Lucy Richardson

Looking for agency to represent me for hand modelling. Nail technicians promotional material, advertising, films

Thank you Lucy for sharing your beautiful hands! I am sure there are many out there that find her hands as pretty as I do!


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Merry Christmas from Lacey


More of the incredible Lacey…… I got all I want for Christmas!

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Alexa Chung


“Friends of mine in England who are into nail art all have long nails so they have more space for the art, but I feel like I’ve already got quite large hands, so it might be unbecoming for me to extend the nail. I just like to keep them short and sweet.” – Alexa Chung

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January Russell Winters


“My hands (are my favorite body part).  I think they’re nice, but I’m more proud of the fact that they’re bigger than most men’s!”  – January Russell Winters

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Here is Kalah’s very beautiful long hand and very long slender fingers. Thanks for sharing Kalah!!

” I used to get teased when I was a kid for my big hands, and I thought maybe I’d grown into them by now so I decided to finally find out how big a hand should be.” – Kalah

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Megan’s Gorgeous Big Hand


“I recently got engaged, and so I have been taking a lot of measurements. I found it curious my fiance and I have the same ring size (7) but my hands are significantly bigger than his. I am a violinist and have to keep my nails short.

As a kid I was always teased for having huge hands, so it is neat to find someone who appreciates them!”  – Megan

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Kate “Big Hands” Beckinsale


Other than Jennifer Garner, no other actress is as admired for their beautiful big hands. I think Kate Beckinsale’s hands might even be bigger.

She recently started using Instagram, so all you hand fans of hers can follow here here:

Lets hope she posts more of those beautiful huge hands!



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Alycia Debnam-Carey Beautiful Hands (7 inches!!)


Many of you have been emailing me lately about Alycia’s very long beautiful hands and super long finger. They are very pretty, and many of you have said that they are close to 7 inches, which seems awfully long for her 5’5″ frame.

I think her hands are probably a lot smaller than that, but look very long because of how slender they are. Either way, they are very beautiful and quite popular!

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Swanette’s beautiful hand and fingers that go on for day! I also love this nail design.

I will post more of Swanette’s lovely hands soon.

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Thao’s Long Lovely Fingers


She has lovely long fingers and delicate hands.

Thanks for sharing your pretty hands Thao!




Monika’s beautiful hands and long long fingers!

Absolutely stunning!

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Mind Blown!


Not sure how she is doing this, but those are 2 official NBA sized basketballs!

Thank you so much for sharing Alexis!

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Hanna’s Lovely Hand


I absolutely love this picture. Hanna has very pretty hands and very long looking fingers!

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Karin’s AMAZING Hands


Karin has some of the most beautiful hands I have ever seen. She has such long graceful fingers and her thumbs are amazing.

She definitely could be a hand model!

My Hands are WAY Bigger


“Mine are WAY bigger than yours. #TrumpMyHand”  – Yasmeena

Thank you for sharing Yasmeena, Trump’s hand is completely dwarfed by your beautiful big hand, not even close!

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