Kianah’s Lovely Hand


“People have always told me that i have huge hands” – Kianah

Kianah defintely has some of the most beautiful hands I have ever seen.  And they do look very big as well!

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Lisa’s Very Big Hands


Standing at only 5’5″ you would think Lisa would have some petite hands…. but they are anything but petite!

Lisa has some of the biggest most impressive hands I have seen!

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Sarah’s Beautiful Hands


Here are Sarah’s very beautiful hands and long fingers.

Certainly hand model material 🙂

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Someone emailed me about Emmama’s amazing hands and she was kind enough to let me post a picture of her lovely hand.

Such long beautiful fingers and hands!

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Can’t get enough Lacey…


Some of my all-time favorite hands!

Lacey’s very beautiful big hand looks absolutely stunning in pink!!!


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