Vanessa Kirby


Vanessa has very beautiful hands.

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Sarah wrote: “I’ve always been ashamed of my hands but maybe this will help empower me”

Absolutely stunning, without question Sarah has the longest fingers and hands ever posted here!

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Lauren’s Very Big Hand


“I came across your site randomly as I was googling about hand lengths. My boyfriend kept telling me I have big hands so I was curious and wanted to find out. Apparently I do lol. ”  – Lauren

Ruth’s Big Paws



“My palms are super wide (as you can see a whopping 4 inches at the widest part and about 3,67 inches the normal part), especially when I bend my fingers they’d always remind me of bear paws haha. I can easily pick up a basketball from the ground using just one hand and cupping it with my palm and gripping with my fingertips. Guess that’s why I was so good at waterpolo 😂  ” – Ruth


Thank you so much for sharing your amazing hands Ruth!!!!

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Here is a picture of Andrea’s amazing hand!!!!  I am awestruck….. wait until you see her measurement!

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Cover Up


Been quiet all summer…. here is one of my all time favorites, Kalah, showing just how easily those very long beautiful hands completely cover her face!

I will be posting another picture or two of Kalah in the near future as she has shared some other amazing pictures.

Thanks again Kalah!!!



Huge Hand!


Here is one absolutely huge hand and really long fingers!

I wouldn’t be surprised if she could palm a men’s basketball. Thanks for sharing!

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Natasha’s Gorgeous Hands



Natasha’s long fingers and gorgeous hands!

Thanks for sharing them!

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Pandora Christie’s Beautiful Hands



Here are Pandora Christie’s very beautiful hands and long fingers! Certainly some of the longest I have ever seen and so pretty.

Love that bracelet as well.

More of Laine’s Big Pretty Hands

Ready to paint! #opi #tiny #nailpolish #hands #unpolished

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Here is another amazing video from Laine, here she shows off just how big and beautiful her hands are!

Link to her Instagram account:

Laine definitely has some of my favorite type of hands!

Laine Palming!!!!!

Some of you may remember Laine and her amazing hands. Here she shows off some major talent and her very beautiful big hand!



Angela’s very long hands! Love the smile.  Not sure if her fingers and hands are really as long as they look, she definitely has very skinny elegant fingers.

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Big Palm :)


Thank you Marcus for sharing your wife Veronica’s very large palm! She is only 5’6 1/2″ and can palm a volleyball.

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Krissandra Palming!



More of the amazing Krissandra! For those of you wondering, YES, that is an official sized MENS basketball!!!

Oh, and she can actually palm a basketball off a dribble. Some very talented big hands!




Here is Kalah showing off a rather impressive trick…. if you don’t believe me, try doing it yourself!

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Krissandra’s HUGE Spread


Here is another one of Krissandra’s  beautiful very big hands. This is an astonishing spread!