More of Laine’s Big Pretty Hands

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Here is another amazing video from Laine, here she shows off just how big and beautiful her hands are!

Link to her Instagram account:

Laine definitely has some of my favorite type of hands!


Krissandra’s HUGE Spread


Here is another one of Krissandra’s  beautiful very big hands. This is an astonishing spread!

Karin’s AMAZING Hands


Karin has some of the most beautiful hands I have ever seen. She has such long graceful fingers and her thumbs are amazing.

She definitely could be a hand model!

Luisa Kaufmann


Hand Model Luisa Kaufmann has some stunning hands, look at just how long and graceful those fingers are.

To see more of Luisa’s amazing hands, check out her site HERE!

Thank you so much for sharing your lovely hands Luisa!


Kate’s Long Beautiful Hands


“I have long limbs despite being short. Haha. I love your site. It’s great to see some appreciation for big hands. 🙂 I’ve always considered my hands one of my best features. :)” – Kate

Kate certainly has some of the most beautiful long fingers and hands even though she is only 5’4″!



Here is a new picture of Sun’s beautiful hands. She has such long fingers and hands!

You can see more of her lovely hands here.


Geraldine’s Gorgeous Hand


Here the very beautiful hand of Geraldine

Such long fingers and lovely hands.

“My hands are big for my height – I’m 5’8″ and my hands are about 7/7.1 inches!” – Geraldine

Thanks so much for sharing Geraldine!


Dia’s Lovely Hand


Dia’s lovely hand. Such long nail beds and long thin fingers.

Very pretty!




Not sure how I ever forgot to post this one… more to come as well!

“I stumbled upon your site while trying to find out what constitutes big hands for a woman. It’s always been a joke how I say I have “man hands” because they are always bigger than other women’s.

My hands measure at 7.25. They’re extremely strong, probably because I’m an artist, and I fidget constantly.

I love your site. I have a thing for hands, too. My boyfriend is obsessed with my hands (also an artist and college professor), particularly my thumbs, which is funny.”- Ginger

Maddie’s Super Long Beautiful Hand


Thanks to HL for pointing out Maddie’s super long beautiful hands! Maddie is only 5’8″ and her hands are definitely some of the longest most beautiful I have ever seen.

Harriet’s Gorgeous Big Hand!

big hands and long fingers

It has been a long time since I have updated (what else is new). But I think all of you will agree that this one was worth the wait!

Harriet was nice enough to send me this picture of her very beautiful big hand she certainly has some of the nicest hands I have ever seen, not to mention that she is only 5’5″! Such long fingers and really nice thumbs.

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L A C E Y !!!!

Lacey's Gorgeous Hand

Lacey mentioned to me that she tries to stay away from bold colors. This is as bold as she gets with nail polish, absolutely gorgeous!!!


A Nice Spread

A huge spread

Lacey’s spread thumb to pinky (over 9 inches!)

Saved the best for last! I have never seen a spread like this, and I am assume most of you haven’t either!

Lacey not only has huge hands, but some of the most beautiful as well.

Might have to start a “I Love Lacey” fan site 🙂

One more of Lacey’s Sexy Hand

sexy hands, big hands, long fingers

A picture may be worth a thousand words; I think this one is worth a million… at least to some of us 🙂

The Lovely Lacey Measured

Lacey's beautiful big hand measured.

Lacey’s beautiful big hand measured.

I know I have been posting a lot of Lacey lately, but I think you can see why! I still can’t believe how amazing her hands are.

For all those that have asked, she can palm a basketball!  However, her long skinny hands are not strong enough to palm the men’s basketball.

Elegant Long Hands