Sarah wrote: “I’ve always been ashamed of my hands but maybe this will help empower me”

Absolutely stunning, without question Sarah has the longest fingers and hands ever posted here!

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Lauren’s Very Big Hand


“I came across your site randomly as I was googling about hand lengths. My boyfriend kept telling me I have big hands so I was curious and wanted to find out. Apparently I do lol. ”  – Lauren

Krissandra’s HUGE Spread


Here is another one of Krissandra’s  beautiful very big hands. This is an astonishing spread!

Krissandra’s Unbelievable Hands


“I get weird obsessions about things, and recently it’s been hand size, lol. I’ve been told I have “man hands” by various people my whole life, but my mom always said, “Your hands are perfectly proportioned!” I guess I was out to prove her wrong, haha, because my hands are definitely big. They’re larger than my husband’s. I can palm a basketball.” – Krissandra



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Devon’s Very Big & Beautiful Hand


Devon is 5 foot 7 1/2 inches and her hands are right at SEVEN inches! Definitely big for her height! Even more amazing is that her palms are a full FOUR inches!

“I always knew I had very big hands. When I was in middle school I was the only one that could palm a basketball, that included the boys as well. I always thought I was going to be much taller since my hands are so large. Most of the women in my family are 5’11 or taller” Devon

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Ava sent her measurement shot in (I made it b/w since I like the effect as many of you can tell).

Ava is 5’7 and she certainly has some very big hands and long fingers!

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“My hands are really large compared to all of my friends.” – Abbie

Abbie definitely has some of the longest hands and fingers, especially for someone that is only 5 foot 8 inches tall! I can’t thank her enough for sharing her amazing hands!

Catherine’s Huge Spread


Here is one of the most amazing hands I have seen in a long time. What a spread! Thank you Catherine!

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16.9cm hand and 9.6cm palm


Thank you Maria for sharing your beautiful big hand! Maria is only 5’9, but her palms are close to 10cm (9.6cm to be exact). Please notice that I added .2cm to measurements since the ruler isn’t all the way down her wrist.  She can also palm a women’s sized basketball!!!

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A Nice Spread

A huge spread

Lacey’s spread thumb to pinky (over 9 inches!)

Saved the best for last! I have never seen a spread like this, and I am assume most of you haven’t either!

Lacey not only has huge hands, but some of the most beautiful as well.

Might have to start a “I Love Lacey” fan site 🙂

Misty’s Realy Big Hand

Finally getting around to posting this one… not sure how I could ever have forgotten!!! Here is the very long hand of a girl who you would this is at least six feet tall!  How tall do you think she is?????


Missy Franklin

Missy Franklin 8 1/2 Inch Hands !!

Missy Franklin's Huge 8 1/2 inch Hands

Many of you have commented about Olympic swimmer Missy Franklin. Her hands are 8.5 inches!!! She is rather tall, 6’1″, but even so, 8.5″ is way off the charts. Perhaps they are not measuring the same way we do.  Missy’s large hands give her and advantage in the water, and if her hands really are that big then I certainly can see why.

I hear she often paints her nails for competitions and look forward to see what polish will adorn her lovely hands in London. Go USA and good luck to Missy Franklin!

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Mary McCormack Measure’s Her VERY Big Hands

“I’m like a drag queen. From my wrist to the tip of my middle finger is 8 3/8 inches !! It’s just weird.”  Mary McCormack

Not sure I believe they are actually over 8 inches, she must have measured wrong. But one thing is certain, she does have gigantic hands for a girl and super long fingers! Also I love how big her hands look compared to her skinny little wrists.

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Over Four Inch Palms!

Don’t think for a minute that I don’t know that this is such silly thing to get excited about (4 inch palms). But I guess if you are reading this blog you probably understand.

Beautiful Hand and Super Long Fingers

Here is a picture of a beautiful hand of a girl that was nice enough to let me post here. She has super long fingers and such long graceful hands. And some of the longest most beautiful thumbs I have ever seen.

Denise’s Very Big Hand

I met Denise in my college physics class. She more than happily agreed to show off her beautiful big hand, the other hand is another classmate (they are both about 5’9″ by the way) but I do not know her name but she did lend a little hand for Denise to palm!

Just to give you an idea just how big Denise’s hand are. I took a measurement for you, from middle finger tip (not including the nail) to her wrist is just under 7 1/4 inches!!!

Denise’s Huge Hand