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Krissandra’s HUGE Spread


Here is another one of Krissandra’s  beautiful very big hands. This is an astonishing spread!

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Krissandra’s Unbelievable Hands


“I get weird obsessions about things, and recently it’s been hand size, lol. I’ve been told I have “man hands” by various people my whole life, but my mom always said, “Your hands are perfectly proportioned!” I guess I was out to prove her wrong, haha, because my hands are definitely big. They’re larger than my husband’s. I can palm a basketball.” – Krissandra



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Devon’s Very Big & Beautiful Hand


Devon is 5 foot 7 1/2 inches and her hands are right at SEVEN inches! Definitely big for her height! Even more amazing is that her palms are a full FOUR inches!

“I always knew I had very big hands. When I was in middle school I was the only one that could palm a basketball, that included the boys as well. I always thought I was going to be much taller since my hands are so large. Most of the women in my family are 5’11 or taller” Devon

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Ava sent her measurement shot in (I made it b/w since I like the effect as many of you can tell).

Ava is 5’7 and she certainly has some very big hands and long fingers!