More of Laine’s Big Pretty Hands

Here is another amazing video from Laine, here she shows off just how big and beautiful her hands are!

Link to her Instagram account:

Laine definitely has some of my favorite type of hands!


Krissandra Palming!



More of the amazing Krissandra! For those of you wondering, YES, that is an official sized MENS basketball!!!

Oh, and she can actually palm a basketball off a dribble. Some very talented big hands!




“My hands are really large compared to all of my friends.” – Abbie

Abbie definitely has some of the longest hands and fingers, especially for someone that is only 5 foot 8 inches tall! I can’t thank her enough for sharing her amazing hands!

Elen’s Lovely Big Hand


Here is Elen’s beautiful big hand. She is 174 cm tall, and you wouldn’t believe the size of her hands if I told you. Although, just by looking at this picture you can tell they are rather large!

16.9cm hand and 9.6cm palm


Thank you Maria for sharing your beautiful big hand! Maria is only 5’9, but her palms are close to 10cm (9.6cm to be exact). Please notice that I added .2cm to measurements since the ruler isn’t all the way down her wrist.  She can also palm a women’s sized basketball!!!

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