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Kate Beckinsale …… Such beautiful big hands! Really love her nail color here as well.

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Jessica and Kate

Some of you have written to me saying that I should post some pictures of Jessica Biel’s hands and that they are quite large. I don’t see it personally, I did find a nice picture here with Kate Beckinsale.

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Eliza’s “Very Large Mitts”



I always joke that I have very long limbs and very large hands and my younger brother is always just like, ‘you just flop into things,’ and I do… But now I kind of control it, and there’s other times I’m like a bull in a china shop, but a bull with large mitts. -Eliza Coupe

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Hand Size & Height

I just had a college Statistics class where everyone was measuring hands (see the attached image). Everyone was getting a thrill from doing this and two of my classmates mentioned this site of yours! Makes me think that they must have an interest in hands like yourself! The tallest female in the class did indeed have the largest hands ( 18.2cm and 21.1cm) . I am sure you would love the class. As for my hands, mine are 17.2cm length and 18.8cm thumb to little finger spread, and I am 5’8″ so your chart worked almost perfectly for me.

Love your blog!