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Hand Obsessed

My boyfriend has always loved my hands. Never knew there was a hand fetish, if you call it that.

Now I find myself looking at hands all the time, wondering how they compare to mine. I seriously asked a girl on the metro today to compare hands with me!!!!!  I do understand why someone would focus on hands.

Oh, and her hands were bigger than mine by a bit, but she was a really tall girl so I was not surprised. She didn’t seem to think it was unusual for me to ask, she actually complimented me on my nail polish to start the whole hand discussion.

Kendall Jenner is a favorite of my boyfriend and I agree that she has some very nice hands, but I think mine are bigger, lol.


One thought on “Hand Obsessed

  1. Diane,
    Great post – thank you! Really like hand comparisons – can you send a pic of you matching up with another girl? And what does you hand measure?

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