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Raven’s Love of Hands


“My hands had always played a big part of my life. I had always loved hands even if it had started in an unusual way. When I was a teenager I was always enticed by the many shades of Wet and Wild nail polish. I wanted every single color even though I didn’t have long nails. I would go into the store and buy one bottle and slip 2 more into my coat pocket. It gave me that rush one gets from being naughty and a bit devious. So it began as simple as that.”



7 thoughts on “Raven’s Love of Hands

  1. Damn girl you have big hands …. I bet all the girls line up for you.

  2. One would imagine that those hands could conceal two or more bottles rather easily!

  3. Confused??? Raven’s hands here seem significantly larger than the recent ones she posted on the Raven Lair site… makes me think that Raven’s newest post are not really her hands even though they look identical other than size. Sister maybe?

  4. She could palm the world with those big paws. Bet she has made dozens of men feel a bit self conscience in her day …. and probably even more women swoon when she spreads them out!

    xoxo Eve

  5. She clearly has sizeable hands, but they don’t look that big until she spreads them out like this. These are not man hands, but they are the size of most mens hands.

  6. amazing! would really love to be able to become a member of her blog!

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