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I promised Andrea’s measurement earlier and quite a few have asked, finally getting around to it. She definitely has some of the largest hands I have ever seen, right up there with my favorite Lacey 🙂


“I just got my husband to measure my hand as I did it on my own the first time, and the length of my right hand from base of palm to tip of middle finger is closer to 7.5 inches. He is 5’8” and his hands are only 1/4 of an inch longer than mine. I have big feet, too.The other odd thing is that my little finger on my left hand is actually quite small and doesn’t fit the size of the whole hand! This makes me sound a little freaky, I know, but I assure you I’m pretty normal.

I’ve always suspected that I had extra large hands but your website has helped to confirm it.

I’m quite proud of my hands now I’ve realized how big they are – I’m desperate to find a basketball to see if I can ‘palm’ it, or how many tennis balls I can hold!!” Andrea

3 thoughts on “Andrea

  1. OMG! Her hands are huge!!!! Can’t believe her 5’8″ husband actually has much bigger hands.

  2. Not saying her hands aren’t big, but you can tell the ruler isn’t lined up, and with it in the back, it seems larger than reality. I would say her hands are 7 or a bit under. How tall is she?

  3. Great palms!!!!!! If she measured with a clear ruler, her hands would definitely seven or more. How tall is she, looks like the hand of a six-footer.

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