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Huge Hands



“When I was younger I use to measure with friends and they would freak out and make me measure with other friends. After beating all my friends I moved on to boys and this was much more fun for me. ” – Raven


6 thoughts on “Huge Hands

  1. This girl’s hands are huge! I understand liking beautiful hands that are also big. But her hands are the size of mine and I am 6’5!

  2. I have big hands too and one of my favorite things to do guys is compare hands with them, it is such a power trip and many guys squirm. I love it.

  3. How do her poor little wrists support those huge hands! She must have carpal tunnel after typing all those stories !!

  4. hands are huge , hands are big, hands are large , are these really things women want to hear? I for one would never want to have bigger hands than the boys .

    1. Caroline – grow up. There’s nothing wrong with a woman having large hands. In fact, there is no such thing as having hands too small or too large for your height. Sure, it’s fun to measure and there is an average size for everything it seems but really, everyone is different.

      1. RP – I think you might have misunderstood me. I just don’t think it is a “compliment” to tell a woman that she has huge hands. I assume you are a male RP so you probably don’t understand this. If you were to poll the female population, I think 99.9% would agree. Even Raven has talked about this on Raven’s Lair how she prefers the comments about her hands being beautiful or sexy and not singled out just for their size.

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