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A 5’9 woman that can palm a women sized basketball!

Okay, I know I haven’t been very good about updating here. But I recently got this great email and picture. Linda has long beautiful hands for a girl that is only 5’9, but even more impressive is what she can do with them. Palm a women sized basketball.

17 cm long hands… and 9.5 cm long palms… WOW!

Big hand of a 5′9 girl.

10 thoughts on “A 5’9 woman that can palm a women sized basketball!

  1. Hi…I’m a Jessica too, and I have a bit of a thing about hands. I’m only 17 and still at school but I have huge hands, especially as I am only 67″ tall and pretty slim. My hands measure 8.25″ long from the tip of my fingers to my wrist and my palm is 4″ wide excluding my thumb. I have the biggest hands of anyone at school (either sex) and almost anyone I know. I could palm a full size basketball at 12!!
    Unfortunately my hands are not very pretty…they are “man hands” and I bite my nails too! Also, they are very hard and rough for a girl.
    One thing I can do better than anyone else I’ve ever met, though, is clap! I swear I must be one of the loudest clappers in the world lol. My clap is thunderous and everyone says I have the loudest clap EVER!! One advantage of having enormous hands, I suppose.

  2. I just measured my palm and it’s 20 cm- almost 8 in. but my feet (European size 40) are size 10. :))

    I heard all my life that I have hands of a piano player. :))Dunno.

    Have fun!!

  3. I’m a 5′6. I have 18 cm long hands and 10,5 long palm. Is that odd?

  4. Lol. I have 17cm hands and 9.5 cm palms and I’m 5’2.

  5. Hi Jessica,

    My hands are 19cm long (palm 10.5cm), I am 5’8, which puts my hands at about 2cm larger than they should be according to your formula. 🙂 I wasn’t exaggerating when I said I had large hands.


  6. she has 6 1/2 inch hands, for a woman 5’9 she has small hands my friend

  7. My hand is 18.5cm long and my palm is 10.5 cm long, my height is only 5’2… Won’t that make me abnormal?

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