The Beautiful Big Hand of Raven

Raven’s beautiful big hand!

Raven is an internet hand model from a couple of years ago. She has perhaps some of the sexiest hands around. She also has super big hands, 7 1/4″, especially for her height (5’10”)! And she can palm a basketball, official women’s size ball.


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  1. That is a amazing hand, her nails are so long and well painted, love it 🙂

  2. Hi Jess

    Wow what a fantastic site, i have had a hand fetish ever since i can remember and to stumble here is great.
    i didn’t realise women have a hand fetish too.
    keep up the good work’


  3. My god that Hands is crazy big
    she is a giant !
    and whats her Shoe size ? US 18 ?

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