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A Huge Hand!

Raven has beautiful HUGE hands. If you don’t believe me take a look at the picture below.

Her hand are well over SEVEN inches! And she is only 5 foot 9! Impressive indeed.




She can also palm a men’s sized basketball with ease. My kind of girl!!!!


22 thoughts on “A Huge Hand!

  1. hey hey i love hands too…there are some actresses with really beautiful and huge hands…Liv tyler, Jenna elfman and the best is Uma Thurman, some even say her hands measured 9 inches!!!!

    another good ones are kate beckinsale and nicole kidman

  2. one more thing girl, how big are ur hands anyway???

  3. Wow have just stumbled across your site and i am loving it! i have a huge obsession with hands too, to the point where i wouldnt date a girl who didnt have beautiful hands i have recently subscribed to but they dont show enough of the palms which are my favourite so i am delighted to see some palm pics here

  4. WOW! Raven has beautiful and very big hands! My kind of hands, lol.

  5. 7″ is not that big for a woman. It’s pretty common with women that are 5’8″ or taller… and even shorter. The last three women I’ve dated have had hands over 7.5″. …of course they were 5’10” 5’11” and 6’2″. The girl that’s 5’10” has 8″ hands, the girl that’s 5’11” has 7.75″ hands, the girl that’s 6’2″ has big hands, but I’m not sure. Probably around 7.75″ – 8″…

  6. I am here because I have a distinctive hand/nail fetish. Basically, I am an ‘affection junkie’ and my weakness is a woman’s hands which are large and very plump with chubby fingertips as well as fingernails which are at their shortest & painted. I like hands which are representative of a woman who is a maternal caregiver or cook/domestic worker.
    I don’t suppose it is possible to request these sort of hand images? Where? and from who? If possible, pls contact me. Thank you!

  7. hi dear Raven

    I love big hands and fingers and love to interlace our fingers, your fingers are amazing, please let me know more anout your business.
    I am a businessman here.
    waiting for your email.

  8. not that big. i’m a girl & i’m in my young teens & mine measures 6 3/4 inches. Almost 7 inches & i’m 5’2-5’3.

    1. Those are crazy big if you ask me. A lot depends on body-type. If you are rather skinny then it makes hands even bigger, and the reverse is true as well.

  9. You are one sexy woman. And those hands are beyond sexy!


  10. She has super big hands. I AM IN LOVE WITH RAVEN

  11. She definitely has the best hands! Her site was the best ever!!!!!

    1. Do you have a link for the site? Her hands are AMAZING!!!!

  12. Even after all these years. Not one girl can compare with the great Raven.

    I am loving all her new pictures. Looks like her hands might have gotten bigger if that is even possible, lol.

  13. Her hands are some of the hottest and biggest I have ever seen. Please post more of these goddesses hands!

  14. Raven’s hands are stunning! I miss Raven’s Lair. Best Hand site ever!!!!! Would love to see more comparison pictures with her if possible?

    Not sure why comments have been disabled on this site for most of the posts?

  15. This is so cool and very particular blog! I wish my hands were as beautiful as all that you present here. mine are only big for a women.

  16. Kate Beckinsale , Eliza Coupe , and Jennifer Garner have nothing on Raven. Her beautiful hands are bigger than them all. She does look taller than 5’9″ though.

  17. She would be a great hand model to make phones and other products look smaller. Did you know Heidi Klum actually use to get more work as a handmodel when she started out.

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