Alycia Debnam-Carey Beautiful Hands (7 inches!!)


Many of you have been emailing me lately about Alycia’s very long beautiful hands and super long finger. They are very pretty, and many of you have said that they are close to 7 inches, which seems awfully long for her 5’5″ frame.

I think her hands are probably a lot smaller than that, but look very long because of how slender they are. Either way, they are very beautiful and quite popular!

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Swanette’s beautiful hand and fingers that go on for day! I also love this nail design.

I will post more of Swanette’s lovely hands soon.

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Thao’s Long Lovely Fingers


She has lovely long fingers and delicate hands.

Thanks for sharing your pretty hands Thao!




Monika’s beautiful hands and long long fingers!

Absolutely stunning!

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Mind Blown!


Not sure how she is doing this, but those are 2 official NBA sized basketballs!

Thank you so much for sharing Alexis!

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Hanna’s Lovely Hand


I absolutely love this picture. Hanna has very pretty hands and very long looking fingers!

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My Hands are WAY Bigger


“Mine are WAY bigger than yours. #TrumpMyHand”  – Yasmeena

Thank you for sharing Yasmeena, Trump’s hand is completely dwarfed by your beautiful big hand, not even close!

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Eliza Coupe…. WHOA!


Colors. I just like all the colors.

Definitely not a man’s hand, but certainly as big or bigger than most!

Be sure to check out Eliza and her beautiful big hands on Instagram:




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Luisa Kaufmann


Hand Model Luisa Kaufmann has some stunning hands, look at just how long and graceful those fingers are.

To see more of Luisa’s amazing hands, check out her site HERE!

Thank you so much for sharing your lovely hands Luisa!


Autumn….. WOW!


Thank you Autumn for sharing your magnificent hands. Those fingers go on and on! No idea how long, but they sure look very long, and very pretty!

To see more of her beautiful hands please check her out on instagram: autumn_nails_it

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More of Monique’s Beautiful Hands


“Here’s a gif of my hand while driving.” Monique

Thank you so much for sharing this Monique. Such long graceful hands!



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Jessica’s Huge Spread!!


“I am 5 feet 2.5 inches tall. My hand size really helps me as a violinist and pianist. A friend was googling and stumbled across your site.” – Jessica

This is definitely the most impressive spread I have ever seen on a woman that is so petite! Thanks so much for sharing your lovely large hands Jessica!!!


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Erin’s HUGE HANDS!!!!!!!!


I have seen my share of women with really big hands, but Erin’s hands are chart topping! I can think of only 1 or 2 pairs of hands that even come close to these and she is only 5’6″!!!  She also sent a measurement from wrist to palm that I will post soon, very impressive!

“I can (palm a basketball with both hands)  I played basketball in high school and recreationally in college, and I was the only woman on the team who could palm a regulation basketball.  Oddly enough my left hand is stronger, but I am quite ambidextrous with all other things.  

I’ve always been attracted to hands; even more than eyes, they indicate the true character of the person that owns them.”  Erin

To read more about Erin and her beautiful big hands, click here.

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Kelly’s Beautiful Hand


Kelly has absolutely beautiful hands and long fingers.

I really love how delicate her wrists are and how graceful they look.

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Yasmeena The Hand Model


Often I post pictures of beautiful hands that “look” very long. This is the one case where you can actually tell that they not only look long, but are indeed very long. Yasmeena has the longest fingers I have ever seen. They just go on and on.

She could definitely be a hand model. Thanks so much for sharing your gorgeous hands Yasmeena!


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“I think I have really big palms for my wrists.” -Monique

It has been a while since I have posted a picture of Monique’s long pretty hands! Definitely some amazing hands! I love her delicate wrists, they really frame her lovely hands.

You can see more of her beautiful big hands here!




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