I actually was teased all the time for having such large hands in school. It doesn’t help that they are so skinny, which makes them look even bigger because of this.  I am 5’5″ and my hands are almost 7″, so they certainly are above average. It is nice there are others out there with bigger hands : -)   Angie

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Really long fingers and hands for 5’3


Dawn shared this picture of her friend Sierra’s hand. Sierra is only 5’3″ and her hands and fingers are really long as you can see! She also can palm a volleyball!

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Marina’s Beautiful Long Fingers


Marina has some very beautiful long fingers, and I am loving this nail polish  (China Glaze – Seduce Me)

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Louise has absolutely gorgeous hands. Such long fingers and delicate wrists.

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Lilly (some of the biggest I have ever seen!)


“I used to think having larger hands as a woman was a monstrosity! People often commented on my hands saying they were “big” and “they’re so weird”. I felt uncomfortable and wished I had more feminine hands. I absolutely love my hands now and wouldn’t trade them for anything. Fancy that.” -Lilly

Lilly’s hands are amazing. She is only 5’6 1/2″ and she easily has some of the biggest most beautiful hands I have ever seen, and that is saying something, lol. Measurement shots to be posted at a future date.

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Thank you to Mike for sending me the link, and a really big thank you to Hannah for sharing her very beautiful hands.

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Longest Fingers Ever


These are definitely some of the longest most beautiful fingers and handsI have ever seen.  I think her pinky is probably longer than my middle finger! Thanks for sharing mckenzie!

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“I have a touch of a hand obsession myself. Whenever I meet any prospective boyfriends, I am sure to compare hands with them first. I love big hands myself and hands bigger than my own is a must. It isn’t often that I meet any other women with hands as large as mine even though I am only 5’4″.”  Stacey

Thank you Stacey, that is definitely a large palm and long fingers!

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My Hand


“Here is my huge hand!  I have been blessed with big Italian hands and I have always been proud of them. I love comparing hands, and I really love seeing how shocked people are when they see how big my hands are.”  – Tracy

Thank you for sharing Tracy!!!!  She mentioned that she is 5’8″.

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One of the prettiest hands I have ever seen.

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Big, but I just say long…


“I almost died when a friend emailed me a link to this site. People often comment on how “big” my hands are, I like to say they are long….  One of the reasons people notice I think is because other than my hands, I am rather petite 105lbs and 5 feet 4 and 1/2. I just have really long hands!  I don’t mind having much larger than average hands and I will be the first to initiate a hand compare with others, it is always good for a laugh!”  Lauren

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Lovely Hands!


Very long beautiful fingers and hands.

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Love this picture… Thank you Kate!

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Such Beautiful Hands (picture courtesy of leahangela_)


SUCH beautiful, beautiful hands,
They’re neither white nor small;
And you, I know, would scarcely think
That they were fair at all.
I’ve looked on hands whose form and hue
A sculptor’s dream might be.

-Emma M. H. Gates

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Katie’s Beautiful Hands


Katie has some rather beautiful hands and super long fingers.

Thanks so much Katie for sharing!

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Chantal’s hands are an absolute 10 in every way. I can’t believe just how long her fingers are!

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