Raven can easily palm


“I can palm an official men’s basketball and I can do it by stretching out my hand over and over on the ball until I can get a good grip. Much like a piano player stretches their fingers before they play. The spread of my thumb to my pinkie also helps with this.” -Raven

I have no doubt Raven could palm anything with those beautiful big hands!


Vanessa Kirby


Vanessa has very beautiful hands.

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Sarah wrote: “I’ve always been ashamed of my hands but maybe this will help empower me”

Absolutely stunning, without question Sarah has the longest fingers and hands ever posted here!

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Lauren’s Very Big Hand


“I came across your site randomly as I was googling about hand lengths. My boyfriend kept telling me I have big hands so I was curious and wanted to find out. Apparently I do lol. ”  – Lauren

Ruth’s Big Paws



“My palms are super wide (as you can see a whopping 4 inches at the widest part and about 3,67 inches the normal part), especially when I bend my fingers they’d always remind me of bear paws haha. I can easily pick up a basketball from the ground using just one hand and cupping it with my palm and gripping with my fingertips. Guess that’s why I was so good at waterpolo 😂  ” – Ruth


Thank you so much for sharing your amazing hands Ruth!!!!

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