Big Palm :)


Thank you Marcus for sharing your wife Veronica’s very large palm! She is only 5’6 1/2″ and can palm a volleyball.

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Krissandra Palming!



More of the amazing Krissandra! For those of you wondering, YES, that is an official sized MENS basketball!!!

Oh, and she can actually palm a basketball off a dribble. Some very talented big hands!




Here is Kalah showing off a rather impressive trick…. if you don’t believe me, try doing it yourself!

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Krissandra’s HUGE Spread


Here is another one of Krissandra’s  beautiful very big hands. This is an astonishing spread!

Emilia’s Pretty



Here are Emilia‘s very beautiful hands and long pretty fingers.


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Krissandra’s Unbelievable Hands


“I get weird obsessions about things, and recently it’s been hand size, lol. I’ve been told I have “man hands” by various people my whole life, but my mom always said, “Your hands are perfectly proportioned!” I guess I was out to prove her wrong, haha, because my hands are definitely big. They’re larger than my husband’s. I can palm a basketball.” – Krissandra



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Hand Model Jiae




Jiae has such beautiful long slender fingers, and those nailbeds! Not sure how long her fingers are, but they go for days.

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Joanna Stevens Gaines


Joanna Stevens Gaines

If you ever watch HGTV’s Fixer Upper, you will notice that Joanna’s hands are quite large!


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Margot Robbie


A few of you have mentioned Margot Robbie’s hands in the past. I never really noticed them before, but they look very large here. I think this must be a camera perspective issue.

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Lucy Richardson

Looking for agency to represent me for hand modelling. Nail technicians promotional material, advertising, films

Thank you Lucy for sharing your beautiful hands! I am sure there are many out there that find her hands as pretty as I do!


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Merry Christmas from Lacey


More of the incredible Lacey…… I got all I want for Christmas!

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Alexa Chung


“Friends of mine in England who are into nail art all have long nails so they have more space for the art, but I feel like I’ve already got quite large hands, so it might be unbecoming for me to extend the nail. I just like to keep them short and sweet.” – Alexa Chung

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January Russell Winters


“My hands (are my favorite body part).  I think they’re nice, but I’m more proud of the fact that they’re bigger than most men’s!”  – January Russell Winters

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Here is Kalah’s very beautiful long hand and very long slender fingers. Thanks for sharing Kalah!!

” I used to get teased when I was a kid for my big hands, and I thought maybe I’d grown into them by now so I decided to finally find out how big a hand should be.” – Kalah

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Megan’s Gorgeous Big Hand


“I recently got engaged, and so I have been taking a lot of measurements. I found it curious my fiance and I have the same ring size (7) but my hands are significantly bigger than his. I am a violinist and have to keep my nails short.

As a kid I was always teased for having huge hands, so it is neat to find someone who appreciates them!”  – Megan

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Kate “Big Hands” Beckinsale


Other than Jennifer Garner, no other actress is as admired for their beautiful big hands. I think Kate Beckinsale’s hands might even be bigger.

She recently started using Instagram, so all you hand fans of hers can follow here here:

Lets hope she posts more of those beautiful huge hands!



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