Huge Hand!


Here is one absolutely huge hand and really long fingers!

I wouldn’t be surprised if she could palm a men’s basketball. Thanks for sharing!

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Natasha’s Gorgeous Hands



Natasha’s long fingers and gorgeous hands!

Thanks for sharing them!

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Pandora Christie’s Beautiful Hands



Here are Pandora Christie’s very beautiful hands and long fingers! Certainly some of the longest I have ever seen and so pretty.

Love that bracelet as well.

More of Laine’s Big Pretty Hands

Ready to paint! #opi #tiny #nailpolish #hands #unpolished

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Here is another amazing video from Laine, here she shows off just how big and beautiful her hands are!

Link to her Instagram account:

Laine definitely has some of my favorite type of hands!

Laine Palming!!!!!

Some of you may remember Laine and her amazing hands. Here she shows off some major talent and her very beautiful big hand!



Angela’s very long hands! Love the smile.  Not sure if her fingers and hands are really as long as they look, she definitely has very skinny elegant fingers.

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Big Palm :)


Thank you Marcus for sharing your wife Veronica’s very large palm! She is only 5’6 1/2″ and can palm a volleyball.

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Krissandra Palming!



More of the amazing Krissandra! For those of you wondering, YES, that is an official sized MENS basketball!!!

Oh, and she can actually palm a basketball off a dribble. Some very talented big hands!




Here is Kalah showing off a rather impressive trick…. if you don’t believe me, try doing it yourself!

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Krissandra’s HUGE Spread


Here is another one of Krissandra’s  beautiful very big hands. This is an astonishing spread!

Emilia’s Pretty



Here are Emilia‘s very beautiful hands and long pretty fingers.


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Krissandra’s Unbelievable Hands


“I get weird obsessions about things, and recently it’s been hand size, lol. I’ve been told I have “man hands” by various people my whole life, but my mom always said, “Your hands are perfectly proportioned!” I guess I was out to prove her wrong, haha, because my hands are definitely big. They’re larger than my husband’s. I can palm a basketball.” – Krissandra



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Hand Model Jiae




Jiae has such beautiful long slender fingers, and those nailbeds! Not sure how long her fingers are, but they go for days.

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Joanna Stevens Gaines


Joanna Stevens Gaines

If you ever watch HGTV’s Fixer Upper, you will notice that Joanna’s hands are quite large!


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Margot Robbie


A few of you have mentioned Margot Robbie’s hands in the past. I never really noticed them before, but they look very large here. I think this must be a camera perspective issue.

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Lucy Richardson

Looking for agency to represent me for hand modelling. Nail technicians promotional material, advertising, films

Thank you Lucy for sharing your beautiful hands! I am sure there are many out there that find her hands as pretty as I do!


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