Over the years one of the most popular posts of mine have been about Rachel. She was kind enough to send another amazing picture of those very big and beautiful hands of hers! I swear they are growing!

You can find out more about Rachel here: http://mcewenandmcewen.blogspot.com/

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Sierra Dawn Thomas (of Survivor)


In the past couple of weeks I have received countless emails about this new girl on Survivor. I do not watch the show myself so I had never seen Sierra. I have seen all the episodes now thanks to On Demand. I am now a fan of Survivor…. or at least of Sierra Dawn. She definitely has some of the most beautiful big hands and long fingers I have seen in a long time. Even though she is quite tall (maybe 6’2?) her hands look even big for her height!

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Mary Louise Parker


I never really noticed myself, but over the past few months a few have emailed me about Mary Louise Parker and her very large hands. And I must say, I AGREE!

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