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Hand Fetish Discussion

Caitlin V. does a great job discussing why you should embrace your love of hands.

This is a very insightful video and Caitlin does have lovely hands, although a little on the small side for my liking, lol.

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Jessica and Kate

Some of you have written to me saying that I should post some pictures of Jessica Biel’s hands and that they are quite large. I don’t see it personally, I did find a nice picture here with Kate Beckinsale.

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Eliza’s “Very Large Mitts”



I always joke that I have very long limbs and very large hands and my younger brother is always just like, ‘you just flop into things,’ and I do… But now I kind of control it, and there’s other times I’m like a bull in a china shop, but a bull with large mitts. -Eliza Coupe