Kelly’s Beautiful Hand


Kelly has absolutely beautiful hands and long fingers.

I really love how delicate her wrists are and how graceful they look.

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Yasmeena The Hand Model


Often I post pictures of beautiful hands that “look” very long. This is the one case where you can actually tell that they not only look long, but are indeed very long. Yasmeena has the longest fingers I have ever seen. They just go on and on.

She could definitely be a hand model. Thanks so much for sharing your gorgeous hands Yasmeena!


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“I think I have really big palms for my wrists.” -Monique

It has been a while since I have posted a picture of Monique’s long pretty hands! Definitely some amazing hands! I love her delicate wrists, they really frame her lovely hands.

You can see more of her beautiful big hands here!




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Jaz’s very big hand!


“I can’t take a guy serious if my hands bigger than his. Thing is I have some big ass hands.” – Jaz

Thanks for sharing Jaz. Those are definitely some very big hands and long fingers!


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Rae’s long beautiful fingers


Rae has some very beautiful hands and some of the longest most graceful fingers I have ever seen.



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Danielle’s absolutely beautiful hand!

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I have many updates that I have been meaning to do… but this one couldn’t wait! Angela has absolutely beautiful hands and lovely long fingers.



Here is a new picture of Sun’s beautiful hands. She has such long fingers and hands!

You can see more of her lovely hands here.


Geraldine’s Gorgeous Hand


Here the very beautiful hand of Geraldine

Such long fingers and lovely hands.

“My hands are big for my height – I’m 5’8″ and my hands are about 7/7.1 inches!” – Geraldine

Thanks so much for sharing Geraldine!


Eliza Coupe


“My hands are huge. When I was on ‘Scrubs,’ Zach Braff used to make fun of them all the time. And now I made some list. I guess Jennifer Garner is on the top of the list for best hands and I’m fourth down.” – Eliza Coupe

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Barb’s Measurement


Barb shared here measurement. Some really long fingers for 5’5″!

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A Masterpiece


My kind of art. Thanks Ben!

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“I have really big hands for my size, this measuring confirms it. I’m actually not even quite 5ft4. I came across your site because I was trying to find out what average size hands are according to height.. Because I’ve always known my hands are super big for my size.” – Melissa

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Yes, my hands are big



“Yes, my hand are big. My hands look even bigger  because they are very slender, although they don’t look that slender in the attached photo. Since I am taller than most women,  you would expect I would have bigger hands as well. Not sure why people are always surprised that I have such long fingers, I am 6 foot tall after all.” – Claudia


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If your hands are bigger…..


We have all heard the saying, “if your hands are bigger than your face ….” But what if they are WAY biggger!!!  Not sure:)

A very big thank you to Melissa for sending me some amazing pictures! More to come!


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Devon’s Very Big & Beautiful Hand


Devon is 5 foot 7 1/2 inches and her hands are right at SEVEN inches! Definitely big for her height! Even more amazing is that her palms are a full FOUR inches!

“I always knew I had very big hands. When I was in middle school I was the only one that could palm a basketball, that included the boys as well. I always thought I was going to be much taller since my hands are so large. Most of the women in my family are 5’11 or taller” Devon

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