Raven Measures Her Big Sexy Hand

big beautiful hand and long fingers measured

big beautiful hand measured

I know we have seen a couple of Raven measurements, but this is the absolute biggest to date. It looks like she really got a full spread in this one! Looks to be 8 inches since her hand isn’t completely straight.

The only woman I have seen that compete for hand size at her height is Lacey. I think Lacey has her in finger length but Raven’s palms are bigger. Would love to see them compare hands :)

Brooke Burns


Brooke Burns has some very big pretty hands! I have seen her height listed at only 5’8″, but she does seem much taller.

Thanks everyone for sharing pictures with me, I will make sure I get some posted soon.

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huge hand

Raven’s Beautiful Big Hand

One of the most beautiful hands, and also one of the biggest hands I have ever laid eyes on. Such long fingers and beautiful wrist.

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