Sandra “Big Hands” Bullock


“I have these big piano-playing hands.” Sandra Bullock

Thanks for the picture Denise. Denise also measured her hand prints (it seems I am not the only one with a bit of a hand obsession) and said that they are 17.3cm. She definitely has some big hands, especially considering she is only 5’7″.

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Palming a Volleyball

Ax2pjOiCQAAd9XhHere is a great picture of a girl that can palm a volleyball, she is 5’11” and has huge hands!  Thanks Michaela.

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16.9cm hand and 9.6cm palm


Thank you Maria for sharing your beautiful big hand! Maria is only 5’9, but her palms are close to 10cm (9.6cm to be exact). Please notice that I added .2cm to measurements since the ruler isn’t all the way down her wrist.  She can also palm a women’s sized basketball!!!

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